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Jetski Spark IBR 2up

Take your summer adventures to the next level with Jetski Ottawa! Unleash your spirit of adventure and ride the waves on our Jet Ski Spark IBR 2up - the ultimate watercraft for exhilarating fun on the Ottawa river. This advanced Jetski model is known for its Intelligent Brake and Reverse (IBR) system, allowing you to maneuver with ease and experience unbeatable control on the water. With room for two people (2up), this Jet Ski rental is perfect for couples, friends, and family outings, promising unforgettable moments and pure excitement. Powered by a reliable 90HP Rotax engine, the Jetski Spark IBR 2up not only delivers high-speed thrills but also maintains an excellent balance between power and fuel efficiency. Its lightweight design ensures nimble performance and easy handling, even for first-time riders. Jetski Ottawa is committed to providing top-notch rental services to water sports enthusiasts. We assure safety, excellent customer service, and an unparalleled jet skiing experience. With convenient rental packages available, you'll have all the flexibility you need to plan your perfect day on the water. Experience the thrill of speed and the joy of the open water with Jetski Ottawa's Spark IBR 2up. Explore the scenic beauty of Ottawa while making a splash this summer! For more information on rentals, or to book your ride, contact us today. Get ready to conquer the waves with Jetski Ottawa Your ultimate water adventure awaits!

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Rental rules & details

Requires 2hrs and Security Deposit $800. Renters MUST presents a Government ID And Credit Card 18+ years of age to operate a Jetski - - - You MUST Arrive 30 Minutes EARLY for Safety Training - - - - - - The Renter is Responsible for All damages to Equipment - - - Adult Passenger (16+) Requires Additional Fee $29.00 (one-time charge) Child Passenger (Under 16) Requires Additional Fee $19.00 (one-time charge) MAXIMUM WEIGHT LIMIT Per Machine is 300LBS (136KG) You will NOT be Allowed on your Charter if Over the Weight Limit - - - SAFETY EQUIPMENT - - - Safety equipment as per Canadian Coast Guard guidelines is provided


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