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About us

Booomerang was created with one goal - to make outdoor adventures more accessible and affordable for everyone. We want to help sports and outdoor enthusiasts easily find and rent the gear they want for any adventure. We set out to make something exciting and build the best rental platform in the world.


Our mission

At Booomerang, we are on a mission to transform outdoor adventures by fostering a community where everyone can access quality sports and outdoor gear affordably. We believe in the power of sharing, making experiences accessible, and creating connections that enrich lives.

Our vision

Our vision at Booomerang is to build a network of outdoor enthusiasts united by a shared love for adventure. We aspire to be the go-to rental platform that empowers anyone to embark on memorable journeys without the burden of ownership, creating a world where the joy of outdoor experiences has no boundaries.

Our team

Nice to meet you

Elias Fares, Co-Founder & CEO of Booomerang

Elias Fares

Co-Founder & CEO

Eli is a cross-functional Senior Product Designer with a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction and a background in Engineering. Eli has over 7+ years of experience working in tech start-ups to help them bring their products from ideation to launch. Eli is responsible for the overall product and company strategy at Booomerang. When he is not sitting behind a screen, Eli enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing and beach volleyball.

Tedy Tadi, Co-Founder & COO of Booomerang

Tedy Tadi

Co-Founder & COO

After working as an auditor at the Government of Canada and receiving a Bachelor's in Accounting, Tedy decided to follow a passion and focus on becoming an online guru by building a hockey community of over half a million hockey fans. Running the Business Operations at Booomerang, Tedy is able to bring his growth expertise to the team.