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How it works

Discover the simplicity of renting and lending gear on Booomerang. Your adventure begins with a few easy steps.

Rent gear hassle-free

Explore a vast collection of gear and select your preferred rental dates. Communicate directly with the lender to ensure a seamless experience.

Booomerang search for gear

1. Search for your ideal gear

Find the perfect gear for your adventure and check its availability.

Booomerang send request

2. Send a rental request

Choose your rental dates and send a request to the lender. It's that simple!

Booomerang enjoy the gear

3. Enjoy your rental gear

Connect with the lender, pick up the gear, or have it conveniently delivered. It's time to enjoy your adventure!

Lend your gear, earn with ease

Share your gear with the community effortlessly. Set your rates, confirm bookings, and earn securely with Booomerang.

Booomerang post rental gear

1. Post your rental gear

List your gear, set rates for daily or hourly, and provide details like pick-up options and rental rules.

Booomerang confirm requests

2. Confirm booking requests

Review booking requests, chat with renters to discuss any specifics and confirm bookings.

Booomerang earn money

3. Earn money securely

Receive secure payments directly to your bank account using our trusted payment partner, Stripe.

Embrace the Sharing Economy

Renting on Booomerang isn’t just about convenience and affordability - it's about contributing to the sharing economy. By buying less and renting more, you’re contributing to the sharing economy, making better use of resources and helping to protect this wonderful planet we live on. Welcome to the rental revolution. Join us in making responsible choices for a sustainable future and be part of the rental revolution.

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