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Illuminated Night Paddle Tour - Stand Up Board (SUP)

Price includes taxes! Don't miss out on this extraordinary adventure! Join us as we paddle out into the tranquil waters of Woodbine Beach just as the sun begins its descent, painting the sky with a mesmerizing spectrum of colors. Our team of seasoned guides will lead you on an unforgettable journey under the vast expanse of the moonlit and starry night sky. Glide atop the water on specially illuminated Stand Up Boards (SUP) and kayaks, unveiling the hidden mysteries of the underwater world. Embrace the Night As you prepare to embark on this enchanting adventure, we kindly request that you arrive at least 20 minutes early. This extra time allows you to gear up and receive essential instructions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Our Sunset Paddle Tours are available every Wednesday through Sunday. In June and July, we set off at 8:30 pm, while in August, the magic begins at 8:00 pm. Unleash Your Sense of Wonder Prepare to be amazed as you explore the serene waters of Woodbine Beach under the canopy of stars. Our illuminated SUP boards and kayaks offer a unique perspective on the aquatic wonders that come alive at night. Whether you're a seasoned water adventurer or a novice, this tour promises an experience like no other. Book Your Night Paddle Tour Now Seize the opportunity to become part of this magical nighttime spectacle. Book your spot on our Illuminated Night Paddle Tour - Stand Up Board (SUP) and get ready to be captivated by the beauty of Woodbine Beach at night. This description incorporates key details of the product while maintaining an SEO-friendly structure to improve search engine visibility.

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Plan Your Adventure To make the most of your experience, we recommend arriving at least 20 minutes early. This will give you plenty of time to gear up and receive instructions from our friendly guides. Our Sunset paddles are available every Wednesday through Sunday, with June and July launches starting at 8:30 pm and August launches at 8:00 pm.


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