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Futsal court

Experience the Ultimate Sports Action on Our Futsal and Basketball Courts - Erin Mills Soccer Club Looking for the perfect venue to showcase your skills on the court? At Erin Mills Soccer Club, we offer not one, but two fantastic courts for you to enjoy - a versatile futsal court and a dynamic basketball court. Whether you're passionate about futsal, basketball, or both, our courts are ready to host your next game. Futsal Court Details: Court Size: Our spacious futsal court measures an impressive 135 feet by 50 feet, providing ample room for exciting futsal matches. Multi-Use: The futsal court is not just for futsal enthusiasts; it can also be used for basketball, featuring two basketball nets to cater to your hoops needs. Footwear: To keep our court in pristine condition, we kindly ask that you wear non-marking shoes while playing. Basketball Court Details: Court Size: Our dynamic basketball court measures 87 feet by 50 feet, perfect for thrilling basketball games. Footwear: For the best experience on our court, please ensure you wear non-marking shoes. Pricing Options: Weekdays (9 AM - 5 PM): $110 per session Weekdays (5 PM - 12 AM): $160 per session Weekends (per day): $160 Why Choose Erin Mills Soccer Club's Courts? Tax Included: Enjoy transparent pricing with all taxes included. No hidden fees, just pure sports enjoyment. Convenient Location: Our courts are located within our clubhouse, offering easy access for your sports sessions. Whether you're into fast-paced futsal, thrilling basketball, or a bit of both, Erin Mills Soccer Club's courts provide the ideal setting to showcase your skills and have a blast on the court. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play your favorite sports on our top-notch courts. Book your session today and experience sports like never before!

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