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Ripple Sit-In Kayak

Experience the Ripple of Adventure with the Ripple 9' 8" Sit-In Kayak Rental from Kawartha Adventure Rentals Dive into the waters of excitement with the Ripple 9' 8" Sit-In Kayak a beacon of stability and comfort offered by Kawartha Adventure Rentals. Designed for solo explorers, this kayak boasts a stable build that's difficult to tip over, coupled with a spacious open cockpit that ensures easy entry and exit. The listed price includes all taxes, allowing you to focus on the ripples of your water journey. Specifications: Length: 9' 8" Width: 30″ Height: 14″ Weight: 45lbs Capacity: 300lbs Exceptional Design: The Ripple Kayak is crafted for stability, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned paddlers. Its large open cockpit provides ease of access, while the padded seat with backrest ensures comfort during your aquatic adventure. With features like a sealed hatch for storage, side molded-in grab handles, and additional bow and stern grab handles, the Ripple Kayak is your companion for a smooth and enjoyable solo experience on the water. What's Included: At Kawartha Adventure Rentals, your kayak rental is stress-free. Each rental includes a comfortable padded seat with backrest, ensuring your journey is as comfortable as it is exhilarating. Sealed hatch storage, side grab handles, and bow and stern grab handles are all part of the package, making your adventure hassle-free. Transparent Pricing: Our pricing philosophy is crystal clear. The listed price covers all taxes, reflecting our commitment to straightforward and transparent transactions. Note: Prices include HST. Embark on your solo kayak adventure with the Ripple 9' 8". Rent it today and let the ripples guide you to unforgettable moments on the water. Unleash the adventurer in you!

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