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Touring SUP

Embark on a Journey of Distinction with Rove Board Co. The Crux Touring Stand Up Paddleboard Rental from Kawartha Adventure Rentals Unleash your passion for exploration with the Rove Board Co. The Crux Touring Stand Up Paddleboard a symbol of efficiency and precision crafted for advanced paddlers, proudly presented by Kawartha Adventure Rentals. Designed for long-distance paddling, The Crux features a hull that effortlessly displaces water, ensuring stability and efficiency on the water. The listed price includes all taxes, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your touring paddleboard adventure. Specifications: Length: 12’6” Width: 29” Depth: 6” Capacity: 270lbs Weight: 26.5lbs Exceptional Design: The Crux Touring SUP is a testament to craftsmanship and innovation. Its hull is meticulously designed to displace water, keeping the board naturally on course and optimizing efficiency for long-distance paddling. Crafted for advanced paddlers, The Crux promises stability and performance, making it the ideal choice for those who seek a distinctive touring experience on the water. What's Included: Your touring paddleboard rental experience is comprehensive with Kawartha Adventure Rentals. Each rental includes a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), a high-performance Carbon fiber paddle, a leash for added safety, and a board bag for convenient transport. We provide everything you need for an advanced and seamless touring paddleboarding adventure. Transparent Pricing: At Kawartha Adventure Rentals, our pricing is transparent. The listed price covers all taxes, reflecting our commitment to straightforward and clear transactions. Note: Prices include HST. Embark on your touring paddleboard adventure with The Crux. Rent it today and let the water be your path to distinctive and exhilarating exploration. Unleash the adventurer in you!

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