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ATV Rentals - Weekdays

Experience Weekday Adventure Unleashed - Mountainview Lodge ATV Rentals Await! Rev up your weekdays with Mountainview Lodge's exhilarating ATV rentals. Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary, and turn your weekdays into a thrilling off-road adventure. Our premium ATVs are ready to conquer trails, providing an adrenaline-packed escape for those seeking midweek excitement. Key Features: Weekday Bliss: Break free from the midweek monotony with our special ATV rentals designed for those who crave adventure on weekdays. Transform your lunch break or afternoon into an off-road exploration. Transparent Pricing: Enjoy hassle-free rentals with our all-inclusive pricing. Taxes are covered, and each rental includes a full tank of gas, ensuring your weekday adventure is as smooth as the trails you'll conquer. Safety First: Your well-being is our priority. Each ATV rental comes with comprehensive safety briefings, and we provide top-tier safety gear to ensure your ride is not only thrilling but secure. Limited Availability - Secure Your Weekday Thrills Now! With limited ATV rentals available on weekdays, seize the opportunity to infuse your workweek with the exhilaration of off-road exploration. Call us now to secure your ATV and transform your weekdays into an adventure-filled escape. Mountainview Lodge is your partner in making ordinary days extraordinary - reserve your ATV and let the midweek thrill ride begin!

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Rental rules & details

Deposit: Secure your ATV adventure with a pre-authorization deposit of $500.00 (VISA, M​/​C). For guided tours, enjoy a reduced deposit of $250.00. Return Condition: Maintain the ATV in good condition, allowing for normal wear and tear. Please note that we reserve the right to withhold the deposit if the ATV is returned in unsatisfactory condition. Responsibility: The Lessee is responsible for any damages during the rental period, encompassing theft and collisions. Driver Requirements: A valid driver's license is mandatory for all riders, and the minimum age requirement to rent and operate our ATVs is 19 years old. Booking Fee: Avail yourself of weekday excitement with a $100 non-refundable booking fee, which is applied toward the rental fee.


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