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Bike Rentals Trail-a-Bike

Enjoy Family Adventures with Bike Rentals Trail-a-Bike from West Coast Outdoor Introduce your little ones to the joy of biking with our Bike Rentals Trail-a-Bike the perfect solution for family-friendly outdoor excursions. West Coast Outdoor brings you an innovative and safe way to explore together. Attach the Trail-a-Bike to your adult bike, and embark on unforgettable journeys through the scenic landscapes of the West Coast. Key Features: Safe and Secure: The Trail-a-Bike is designed with safety as the top priority. With a sturdy construction and secure hitch mechanism, you can confidently bring your child along for the ride. Easy Attachment: Our Trail-a-Bike is user-friendly and easily attaches to most adult bikes. No need to worry about complicated setups enjoy a hassle-free biking experience with your little one. Comfortable Seating: The comfortable seating and handlebar grips ensure a pleasant ride for your child. They can enjoy the scenery while pedaling along with you, fostering a love for outdoor adventures. Adjustable for Growth: As your child grows, the Trail-a-Bike grows with them. Adjustable seat heights and handlebars accommodate various ages, making it an investment in years of family biking fun. Stability on the Trail: The Trail-a-Bike is engineered for stability, providing a smooth and controlled ride on a variety of terrains. Enjoy the freedom to explore scenic trails, parks, and more. Why Choose West Coast Outdoor: Quality Family Time: Our Trail-a-Bike rentals facilitate quality family bonding. Share the joy of biking with your child and create lasting memories exploring the wonders of the West Coast together. Convenient Booking: Renting a Trail-a-Bike is easy and convenient with our online booking system. Choose your rental dates, reserve your Trail-a-Bike, and gear up for family adventures. Explore Safely: West Coast Outdoor ensures that your family can explore the West Coast safely. Our well-maintained Trail-a-Bikes provide peace of mind as you embark on outdoor escapades. Price Includes Taxes!

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