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Toyota 4Runner - Winter 4x4 Rental - 1-5 person

Toyota 4Runner - Winter 4x4 Rental - 1-5 person Your guide to the gondolas. With FarOut Ski Tours’ winter tire car rental, and tailor-made ski holiday planning, you’ll be certain to find BC’s best powder this summer. What's Included Vehicle: After much testing - by us - we’ve determined that the Toyota is the best vehicle to get you safely from slope to slope on your ski trip this winter. The vehicle's size and durability, coupled with top of the line snow tires, will ensure it can easily move through BC’s snowiest roads. Heated seats keep you warm on the coldest days. Winter (Snow) Tires: Our Toyotas have top-of-the-line winter tires, an absolutely crucial add-on many rental car companies, especially in Vancouver, don’t offer. Don’t be fooled by Mud & Snow (M&S) tires, they won’t offer the same security on snowy roads. Ski Racks: Our vehicles come with a built-on ski rack (updated photos coming soon). This will keep your skis in top shape, and will leave you with more than enough room for your other belongings Safety Equipment: Snow chains, a full emergency kit and a two-way GPS messenger service with SOS and vehicle recovery features. Itinerary: Our team will help you build out your dream ski trip. Check out our ski trips & guides for to get inspired, and contact us to plan an ultimate custom trip!

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Support: We are here for you every step of the way. We offer a comprehensive vehicle handover before and after your trip, and are available to help throughout your ski holiday.


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