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Comfort Bike Marin Stinson (Daily)

Introducing the Comfort City Bike Marin Stinson 2023 from Escape Bicycle Tours your key to an enjoyable and comfortable biking experience in Ottawa! Price Includes Taxes! Designed for urban exploration, the Marin Stinson ensures confident handling, whether you're cruising through the city or making quick stops along the way. Revel in the joy of biking in Ottawa with the following features: Key Features: Upright Handlebar Position: Navigate the city streets with ease and comfort, promoting an upright and relaxed riding posture. Lightweight Aluminum Frame: Experience a smooth ride with a lightweight frame, perfect for both speed and maneuverability. Disc Brakes: Ensure reliable stopping power and control, adding an extra layer of safety to your urban adventures. 7 or 21 Speed Options: Customize your ride with the choice of 7 or 21-speed settings, adapting to your preferred pace and terrain. Wide 27.5”x2.0” Tire Size: Conquer diverse city surfaces effortlessly with wide tires, providing stability and a smooth glide. Convenient Step-Through or Classic Crossbar Style: Choose the style that suits you best whether the step-through convenience or the classic crossbar design. Equipped With: Kickstand: Easily park your bike wherever your journey takes you. Bottle Cage: Stay hydrated on the go with a convenient bottle cage. Bell: Alert pedestrians and fellow cyclists with a crisp and clear bell. Rack: Carry your essentials effortlessly with a built-in rack. Available Sizes: Choose from a range of sizes S, M, L, XL ensuring a perfect fit for every rider. The Marin Stinson is more than just a bike; it's a statement of comfort and style. Explore Ottawa's neighborhoods, landmarks, and 800 km of bike paths with confidence. The ergonomic design, comfort saddle, and thoughtful features make every ride a joyous experience. Discover the city at your own pace smooth, fun, and comfortable. The Marin Stinson 2023 from Escape Bicycle Tours awaits you. Reserve yours now and embark on a biking adventure like never before!

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