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Tandem Bike 1-bike-for-2 (Hourly)

Escape Bicycle Tour: Tandem Bike Rental - KHS Aero Duo & Sport Price:(Includes Taxes!) Overnight (5:00 pm to 10:00 am the next day)=$60 Explore the city in a whole new way with our Tandem Bike rental from Escape Bicycle Tour. Our KHS Aero Duo & Sport Tandem is the perfect choice for those looking to share the joy of cycling with a partner, friend, or even a date. The sleek design and versatile features of this 2-person bike make it an excellent choice for a memorable ride. Tandem Features: Upright cruiser handlebars for a relaxed and enjoyable ride. Soft, padded cruiser seats ensure comfort during your tandem adventure. 26 x 2.125” wide tires provide stability and a smooth ride on various terrains. Choose between 7 or 21-speed gears for flexibility in your cycling experience. Classic cruiser frame or hybrid style options to suit your preferred riding style. Equipped with essentials: Kickstand, Bell, Fender (Mud Guard). Sizes Available: S, M, L to accommodate riders of all sizes. Why Choose Our Tandem Bike: Twice the Fun: A bicycle built for two is better than one! Share the joy of cycling with a partner and create lasting memories as you explore the city together. Our KHS Tandem bike is designed for comfort and style, ensuring a delightful ride for both riders. Super Fun Experience: The upright handlebars and plush, padded cruiser seats provide a comfortable and enjoyable double bike ride. With 7-speed gears, you have the flexibility to control your speed and conquer any terrain, whether it's a leisurely cruise or an adventurous hill climb. Our tandem bike has brought countless smiles to our guests' faces come and experience the joy for yourself! Choose Your Style: Opt for the Aero Duo classic cruiser for a laid-back, stylish ride, or try the Sport tandem for a more hybrid and faster cycling experience. Whichever you choose, our KHS Tandem bikes guarantee a fantastic and exhilarating journey. Included with Every Rental: Helmet: Ensure safety on your ride. Lock: Keep your tandem secure during breaks. Map: Explore the city with ease. Ready to embark on a tandem adventure? Rent our KHS Aero Duo & Sport Tandem today from Escape Bicycle Tour and discover the joy of cycling together!

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