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Bike Rentals at Dows Lake

Discover the beauty of Ottawa with our Bike Rentals at Dows Lake from Escape Bicycle Tour. Enjoy the scenic views with our top-quality bikes, featuring an upright handlebar position, a comfort saddle, and a lightweight aluminum frame with disc brakes. Prices include taxes, and free helmets are provided with every rental. Conveniently located at Dows Lake Pavilion, our walk-in rentals offer adult sizes in S, M, & L. Experience the city on two wheels! Embark on a memorable cycling adventure through Ottawa's picturesque landscapes with Escape Bicycle Tour's Dows Lake Bike Rentals. Our premium bikes are designed for comfort and style, ensuring a delightful experience for riders of all levels. Prices include taxes! Features: Upright Handlebar Position: Enjoy a relaxed and comfortable riding posture, allowing you to take in the sights with ease. Comfort Saddle: Cruise in comfort with our specially designed saddles, providing support for longer rides. Lightweight Aluminum Frame with Disc Brakes: Navigate the city effortlessly on our bikes, equipped with a lightweight yet sturdy frame and reliable disc brakes for superior control. Convenient Step-Through Style or Classic Crossbar Style: Choose the bike style that suits your preference, whether it's the easy step-through design or the classic crossbar style. Equipped With: Kickstand: Park your bike securely wherever you go. Bottle Cage: Stay hydrated during your ride with the built-in bottle cage. Bell: Alert others on the path and add a touch of charm with our handy bells. Rack: Carry your essentials effortlessly with the convenient bike rack. At Dows Lake Pavilion, our walk-in bike rentals make it convenient for you to explore Ottawa on your terms. The prices include taxes, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free experience. We offer adult-sized bikes in S, M, & L, catering to riders of various heights. As a bonus, we provide free helmets with every rental, prioritizing your safety on the road. Whether you're a solo adventurer or exploring with friends and family, Escape Bicycle Tour's Dows Lake Bike Rentals is your gateway to an unforgettable cycling experience in Ottawa. Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the city rent a bike at Dows Lake Pavilion today and let the journey begin!

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