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12’6’’ Square Stern Canoe

Embark on Versatile Water Adventures with the 12’6’’ Square Stern Canoe Rental from Kawartha Adventure Rentals Dive into a world of possibilities with our 12’6’’ Square Stern Canoe a symbol of versatility and convenience, proudly offered by Kawartha Adventure Rentals. This 3-seat square stern canoe is equipped with a moulded transom, ready to accommodate up to a four-horsepower trolling motor for added exploration. The listed price is comprehensive, covering all taxes, so you can focus on the joy of your water escapade. Specifications: Length: 12’6’’ Width: 37.5″ Depth: 18” Weight: 78lbs Capacity Max Load: 800lbs Exceptional Design: Tailored for versatility, our Square Stern Canoe features a moulded transom, providing the option to attach a four-horsepower trolling motor. With a length of 12’6’’ and a width of 37.5’’, this canoe offers stability and space for up to three adventurers. Whether you're exploring tranquil lakes or navigating gentle rivers, this canoe is your ticket to a variety of water experiences. What's Included: At Kawartha Adventure Rentals, we ensure your canoe rental experience is hassle-free. Each rental includes 3 Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), paddles, a safety kit, and a car-tying kit all provided free of charge. We've got you covered so that you can enjoy the flexibility of your water journey. Transparent Pricing: Our commitment to transparency extends to our pricing. The listed price encompasses all taxes, reflecting our dedication to straightforward and clear transactions. Note: Prices include HST. Embark on your water adventure with the confidence of versatility. Rent our 12’6’’ Square Stern Canoe today, and let the water be your canvas for exploration. Unleash the adventurer in you!

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