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14’ Solo Adirondack Canoe

Embark on a Solo Odyssey with the 14’ Solo Adirondack Canoe Rental from Kawartha Adventure Rentals Experience the tranquility of solo paddling with our 14’ Solo Adirondack Canoe a symbol of stability and grace brought to you by Kawartha Adventure Rentals. The 1 Seat Adirondack Canoe boasts a flat hull with a single-shaped keel, delivering unparalleled stability and exceptional tracking on open waters. The listed price is all-inclusive, covering taxes and allowing you to focus solely on your solo adventure. Specifications: Length: 14′ Width: 39″ Depth: 16” Weight: 75lbs Capacity Max Load: 700lbs Exceptional Design: Designed with the solo explorer in mind, the Adirondack Canoe features a flat hull and a single-shaped keel for remarkable stability and precise tracking. Whether you're navigating serene lakes or meandering rivers, this canoe promises a harmonious blend of control and ease. Weighing in at 75lbs, it's your ticket to solo exploration without compromise. What's Included: At Kawartha Adventure Rentals, we ensure your solo canoe rental experience is worry-free. Each rental includes a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), a paddle, a safety kit, and a car-tying kit all provided free of charge. We want your focus to be on the simple joys of solo paddling. Transparent Pricing: Our pricing is as clear as the waters you'll navigate. The listed price covers all taxes, reflecting our commitment to transparent and straightforward transactions. Note: Prices include HST. Embark on your solo adventure with confidence. Rent our 14’ Solo Adirondack Canoe today and let the water be your guide to solitude. Unleash the solo explorer in you!

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