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16’6’’ Lightweight Canadian Canoe

Introducing the 16’6’’ Lightweight Canadian Canoe by Kawartha Adventure Rentals Unlock the serenity of Canada's waterways with our 16’6’’ Lightweight Canadian Canoe, brought to you by Kawartha Adventure Rentals. Paddle into the heart of nature, where tranquility meets adventure, without breaking the bank because the listed price includes all taxes! Specifications: Length: 16′6” Max Width: 35″ Waterline Width: 33″ Height Bow ​/​ Centre ​/​ Stern: 19″ ​/​ 14″ ​/​ 19″ Optimum Load: 375-625lbs Max Load: 950lbs Weight: 60lbs Exceptional Design: Crafted with precision, our Canadian Canoe boasts a shallow arch hull design and a shoe keel, achieving a rare fusion of performance and style. The H2O Canoe Company Canadian 16-6 stands out as a stable, well-mannered, and predictable watercraft. Its efficiency and user-friendly nature are perfectly complemented by a distinctly traditional "Canadian canoe appearance." What's Included: Your canoe rental experience is hassle-free and fully equipped. Each rental includes two Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), two paddles, a safety kit, and a car-tying kit all at no additional cost. Dive into your adventure with peace of mind and the tools you need. Affordable Luxury: Our pricing philosophy is transparent what you see is what you get. The listed price includes all taxes, ensuring you can focus on the rhythm of your paddle hitting the water. Note: Prices include HST. At Kawartha Adventure Rentals, we believe that every stroke should lead to a memorable journey. Rent our 16’6’’ Lightweight Canadian Canoe today and let the water be your guide. Unleash the explorer in you!

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