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LARGE - City - Commuter 5'8"-6'2"+

Experience Comfort and Convenience with River City Cycle Rentals' Large City​/​Commuter Bike (5'8"-6'2"+) River City Cycle Rentals presents the perfect solution for your urban exploration - the Large City​/​Commuter Bike (5'8"-6'2"+). Designed for comfort and convenience, these bikes offer a smooth ride whether you're navigating city streets or cruising along commuter routes. Unmatched Comfort for Urban Adventures: Our Large City​/​Commuter Bikes are crafted with your comfort in mind. Featuring upright seating positions, these bikes ensure a relaxed and enjoyable ride, ideal for exploring the city at your own pace. Whether you're commuting to work or leisurely sightseeing, these bikes are your trusted companion. Versatile Options to Suit Your Needs: Choose from a selection of comfy upright bikes or opt for a 3-speed city bike, tailored to your preferences and riding style. Our Large City​/​Commuter Bike fleet offers versatility and performance, ensuring an exceptional riding experience for cyclists of all levels. Price Includes Taxes for Transparent Rentals At River City Cycle Rentals, we believe in simplicity and transparency. The rental price for our Large City​/​Commuter Bike includes all taxes, eliminating any hidden fees and providing you with a hassle-free rental experience. Why Choose River City Cycle Rentals? Quality Assurance: Our bikes are meticulously maintained to ensure safety and reliability throughout your rental period. Convenient Booking: Easily reserve your Large City​/​Commuter Bike online or via phone, making the rental process seamless and efficient. Personalized Service: Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist you in selecting the perfect bike for your urban adventure, ensuring a memorable experience. Book Your Large City​/​Commuter Bike Rental Today! Ready to embark on a comfortable and convenient city exploration? Book your Large City​/​Commuter Bike rental with River City Cycle Rentals now and discover the joy of urban cycling!

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-Please note that the minimum booking for our Large City​/​Commuter Bike is 4 hours. -All our rentals bikes and Merch can be taken in a Pick-Up at our business address. -Due to the nature of our business, all the Merch products will be considered as a final Sale! -Every cancellation need a 24 hour notice to have a full refund on your rental bike -Depending on the weather conditions, the 24-hour notice will be looked case by case depending on the situation


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