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Bowen Island Dinner & Fireworks

Urban Adventure Meets Marine Marvels: City & Seals Tour with Vancouver Water Adventures Embark on a unique exploration that combines the urban charm of Vancouver with the enchanting marine world. Vancouver Water Adventures presents the City & Seals Tour, a guided adventure that seamlessly blends cityscape vistas with encounters with the charismatic harbor seals. Key Features: Urban Skyline Views: Paddle through the bustling waters surrounding Vancouver and witness iconic landmarks from a new perspective. The City & Seals Tour showcases the city's skyline, providing stunning photo opportunities against the backdrop of mountains and architecture. Harbor Seal Encounters: Cruise to seal-friendly spots where these playful marine creatures call home. Marvel at their antics, from playful splashes to curious glances, as our knowledgeable guides share insights into their habits and habitats. Expert-Guided Exploration: Join our experienced guides who navigate you through the intricate waterways, offering narratives about Vancouver's history, culture, and the diverse marine life inhabiting these coastal waters. Top-Quality Equipment: Vancouver Water Adventures provides high-quality kayaks and safety gear to ensure a comfortable and secure journey. Enjoy the ease of paddling as you explore the city and connect with nature. Why Choose the City & Seals Tour with Vancouver Water Adventures? Unique Blend of City and Nature: Experience the best of both worlds as you paddle through urban waters and connect with nature. The City & Seals Tour offers a balance between city exploration and marine wildlife encounters. Educational Adventure: Learn about Vancouver's rich history and the fascinating behavior of harbor seals from our expert guides. This tour combines adventure with education, providing a holistic experience for participants. Memorable Moments: Create lasting memories as you witness the dynamic cityscape and adorable seals in their natural habitat. The City & Seals Tour promises a journey filled with beauty, fun, and discovery. Bowen Island Dinner & Fireworks Your tour includes your dinner and one drink. Begin at Granville Island on the Vancouver waterfront, where you’ll be fitted with a light life jacket if it’s a hot day, or a survival suit that slips right over your dinner attire and will keep you warm on the water crossing to Bowen Island. Place your order before departing, so dinner will be ready upon arrival at the restaurant. Board a 30-foot (9-meter), rigid hull zodiac boat that seats up to 12 people, and learn about Granville Island’s history as you navigate out of False Creek. Hear stories about the Burrard Street Bridge, Bard on the Beach, and the Eugenia Building as you follow the shoreline, then pick up speed when you reach open water. Hit 31mph (50kph) while passing Stanley Park, then pause at Siwash Rock to snap photos of the Vancouver landmark. Follow the shoreline towards Point Atkinson, then disembark at Bowen Island—you’ll have one hour to dine and stroll around Bowen Island’s shops. Return to the boat for a second sightseeing cruise: see Vancouver’s seal colony from the water, then visit the Spanish Banks to see the shipping freighters up close (time permitting). Finally, you’ll find your spot among an audience of boats just in time for a jaw-dropping 25-minute firework display over English Bay, before the tour concludes back at Granville Island. Small Groups & Fast Boats In contrast to crowded cruises and other boat tours in Vancouver, our Zodiacs are fast, nimble and limited to 12 guests. Bottom line? A more intimate experience with everything from waterfalls to wildlife. See What Most Are Missing While the majority of visitors stay on the pavement and pathways, you’ll get to experience the picturesque waterfalls, glacial fjords and stunning vistas completely inaccessible by car. Memorable Wildlife Encounters Our small, comfortable Zodiacs give you the chance to get up close and personal with starfish, seals, sea lions, jellyfish, bald eagles, and even occasionally our local black bears and dolphins. Award-Winning Guides Beyond the jaw-dropping scenery, your experienced and friendly captain will share stories, local history, geological features, and answer any questions you have throughout the tour. For Visitors & Locals Alike Whether you’re here for the first time, hosting visitors, or looking for a family-friendly adventure, our Zodiac tours are fun, exhilarating, and offer unforgettable views of our beautiful backyard Why Vancouver Water Adventures The Lowest Price. Period. Book directly on or call our office to get the best price on our tours and rentals. Find it cheaper? We’ll refund the difference! Free Cancellations Cancel up to 48 hours in advance for a FULL refund. We know that plans can change, that’s why we offer one of the most generous cancellation policies in the watersports industry.

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Ages Minimum height requirement of 4 feet Important Notes Please arrive 30 minutes early to check in and get set up. There is no bathroom on the boat, though facilities are available before and after your tour Tour offered July 22nd, July 26th, and July 29th at 6:30pm Dinner is served at the restaurant onshore. The restaurant is subject to change to accommodate the number of guests booked Not recommended for guests with a history of serious medical conditions including but not limited to back or neck injuries, recent surgery, and current or suspected pregnancy.


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