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E-Scooters Rental (Daily)

Explore the city in style with the Ride One E-Scooter, a premier electric scooter rental designed for convenient, economical, and eco-friendly travels. Our E-Scooter features cutting-edge technology that merges comfort, durability, and high performance. This agile electric scooter rental is designed to transform your daily commute into a seamless, energy-efficient journey. With its robust battery life and fast-charging capability, the Ride One E-Scooter guarantees a smooth ride, whether for leisurely city tours or daily travels. But it's not just about efficiency; it's also about safety. Each Ride One E-Scooter comes with advanced safety features, including a reliable braking system, bright LED headlights, and a durable build to ensure a secure and safe ride, anytime, anywhere. The Ride One E-Scooter is perfect for everyone from the avid city dweller looking to bypass traffic, to tourists eager to discover the city's nooks and crannies at their own pace. With the Ride One E-Scooter, you'll enjoy the freedom and flexibility to explore your surroundings in a whole new way. Experience the joy of effortless commuting with our top-rated E-Scooter rental. Book the Ride One E-Scooter today and embark on a journey that combines the best of innovation, comfort, and eco-friendliness. How It Works - Choose the amount of hours you wish to rent. Be certain as we do not offer refunds on last minute cancellations or no shows. We can be flexible on rainy days or if we are given a couple hours heads up if you need to make a change to the arrival time. Afternoons tend to fully book so being able to shift your booking depends on availability and is not always possible. - We highly recommend booking online as we tend to fully book in the afternoons. Online bookings are prioritized over walk-ins.

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Rental rules & details

- Arrive 10 mins before your booking, give yourself ample time to find parking and take traffic conditions into consideration. - On check in you must provide a valid photo ID (Drivers license or Passport) Health cards are not accepted. *Save a photo of your ID to your phone as a backup as we hold on to your ID’s for the duration of the rental.* - Everyone using the scooters must sign a waiver which will be linked in your confirmation email. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian​/​ parent 18 or older. Sign the waiver before coming to save time as we check everyone.


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