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Full Day ATV Driver Adventure

Thrill Seeker Full Day ATV Driver Adventure - Unleash Your Inner Explorer! Embark on an exhilarating Full Day ATV Driver Adventure with Thrill Seeker, where the listed price includes taxes. Tailored for experienced intermediate-level riders, this full-day guided ATV tour promises a day filled with challenges, breathtaking views, and a sense of accomplishment. Key Features: Price Includes Taxes: Enjoy a seamless booking experience with all taxes included in the listed price, ensuring transparency and simplicity as you plan your ATV adventure. Ideal for Experienced Intermediate Level Rider: This adventure is crafted for those with a bit of ATV riding experience. Participants at the intermediate level will find the Full Day ATV Driver Adventure perfect for pushing their boundaries and honing their skills. Test Drive Requirement: To ensure the safety and confidence of all participants, a mandatory test drive is conducted before the adventure begins. Participants must pass this test drive to proceed with the full-day tour. Group Policy: In the event that a member of your group is unable to pass the required driving test, our policy necessitates adjusting the tour to a half-day experience for the entire group. This ensures the safety and enjoyment of all participants, maintaining our high adventure tour standards. Adventure-Packed Day: The adventure kicks off with a test drive, ensuring everyone is comfortable and ready for the day ahead. Our journey through diverse terrains includes winding trails, hills, and rugged landscapes, providing both challenges and breathtaking views. Midpoint Break: Take a well-deserved break at the midpoint of our adventure for a 30-45 minute lunch. Relax, savor delicious food, and share stories with fellow riders, rejuvenating for the exciting trails that lie ahead. Expert Guides: Our experienced guides will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience throughout the day. Offering tips and support, they guide you through the stunning outdoors, making sure you make the most of your ATV adventure. Conclude your Full Day ATV Driver Adventure with not just memories but also a sense of accomplishment. Book now and unleash your inner explorer with Thrill Seeker!

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Rental rules & details

Eligibility for Participation: All participants must be at least 8 years old. A valid driver’s license is required for drivers of the ATVs. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or adult. Equipment and Safety Gear: We provide ATVs, helmets, and other necessary safety equipment. All participants must use the provided safety gear at all times during the tour. Training and Safety Briefing: All participants will receive a safety briefing and basic training on how to operate the ATVs. It is crucial that all instructions and safety guidelines are followed. Health and Physical Fitness: Participants should be in good physical health to engage in ATV riding. Please inform us of any medical conditions that may affect your ability to safely participate in the tour. Alcohol and Drug Policy: The consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to or during the ATV tour is strictly prohibited. Participants suspected of being under the influence will not be allowed to partake in the tour and will not receive a refund. Liability Waiver: All participants are required to sign a liability waiver before beginning the tour. This waiver acknowledges the risks associated with ATV riding and releases Thrill Seeker ATV Tours from liability for any accidents or injuries. Damage Deposit: A pre-authorized damage deposit of $2500 will be required for each ATV on the tour day. This is to cover any potential damages to the ATV during the tour. The deposit will be released or refunded following the tour, provided no damages have occurred. Respect for Nature and Trails: We are committed to preserving the natural environment. Participants must stay on designated trails and respect wildlife and natural habitats. Weather Conditions: Tours are subject to weather conditions. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule tours due to unsafe weather or trail conditions. Cancellation Policy: Please refer to our cancellation policy for details regarding refunds and rescheduling. Note that the transaction service fee is non-refundable. Photography and Media: We may take photographs or videos during the tour, which may be used for marketing and promotional purposes. Please inform us if you do not wish to be photographed or recorded. Personal Belongings: Thrill Seeker ATV Tours is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings during the tour. Compliance with Laws: All participants must comply with local laws and regulations.


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