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Jet Ski Rental

Experience the thrill of the waves with Yellow Jet's Jet Ski Rental! Dive into adventure without worrying about taxes, as our prices already include them. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a first-timer, our Jet Ski rentals provide an exhilarating aquatic escapade for all. Model: You'll be equipped with a Jet Ski boasting exact or similar specifications to ensure an optimal riding experience. FEATURES: -Re-boarding Step: Easily get back on board after a thrilling ride. -Large Boarding Area: Conveniently embark and disembark from the Jet Ski. -Comfortable: Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on our well-designed watercraft. -One-piece Seattle: Seamlessly integrated for durability and stability. SPECS: -Rider Capacity: Accommodates 1-2 riders for shared excitement. -Weight Capacity: Up to 450 lb ​/​ 205 kg, ensuring stability and safety. -Fuel Capacity: 13.2 US gal ​/​ 50 L, allowing for extended adventures on the water. Storage Capacity: -Glove Box: 0.42 US gal ​/​ 1.6 L, ideal for storing essentials. -Front Bin: 7.7 US gal ​/​ 29 L, ample space for additional belongings. -Engine Type: Powered by a robust 3-Cylinder, 4-Stroke TR-1 Yamaha Marine engine, delivering 100 hp of thrilling performance. -Engine Displacement: 1049 cc for powerful acceleration and smooth rides. -Engine Reverse System: Utilizing RIDE (Reverse With Intuitive Deceleration Electronics) for effortless maneuverability in any situation. RATES INCLUDE: -Fuel: No need to worry about refueling during your adventure. -Passenger: Bring along a companion to share the excitement. -Life Jacket: Safety first! Each rental includes a life jacket for added peace of mind. -Temporary Boat License: Get on the water hassle-free with our included license. Embark on your aquatic journey today with Yellow Jet's Jet Ski Rental. Book now for an unforgettable experience on the waves!

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Rental rules & details

- Sign our Rental Agreement and Waiver emailed to you after booking. -Don’t consume alcohol or smoke marijuana before or during your ride. - Make sure the helmet fits your head correctly. - Have your credit card present to process the security deposit, the iPhone or android tap does not work on the pin pad for pre-authorization. - Share your live location via what app for the duration of your ride, this helps us in case of an emergency for a prompt rescue. - Avoid aggressive turns and acceleration especially if you are carrying a passenger, this can result in serious bodily injury. - Always respect the rules and warning and speed signs on the trails and roads.


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