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Mobile Pod Sauna Rental

Embrace the serenity of nature with the RG Sauna Mobile Pod Sauna Rental. Discover a unique and rejuvenating experience, all at a transparent price that includes taxes! 🌿 Escape to Tranquility: Our Mobile Pod Sauna offers a spacious and relaxing environment, perfect for groups of 4-6 people. Crafted with care, this serene oasis is made from 100% western red cedar. The natural aroma of cedar infuses the air, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. 🏡 Elevated Design: Dimensions: 8 feet long, 7 feet wide at the base, and 7 feet high from the base to the top center. Built to Last: Constructed from sturdy 2×6 cedar. Comfort at Every Step: The tongue and groove floor provides a comfortable foundation for your sauna experience. Stylish Entry: The handcrafted door and door handles feature tinted, tempered safety glass, combining aesthetics with safety. 🧖‍♀️ Unwind in Comfort: Two Full-Length Benches: Stretch out, relax, and unwind on spacious benches. Two Head Rests: Enhance your comfort with the inclusion of two headrests for ultimate relaxation. Traditional Charm: The Mobile Pod Sauna comes with traditional shingles, adding character and charm to your sauna experience. Whether you're seeking a moment of tranquility or a social sauna session with friends, the RG Sauna Mobile Pod Sauna Rental provides an unforgettable retreat. Price includes taxes, so you can enjoy your sauna experience without any hidden costs. Make your reservation today and immerse yourself in the soothing heat and natural beauty of our Mobile Pod Sauna. Reserve Your Escape Unplug, unwind, and rejuvenate with RG Sauna.

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