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Embark on Nature's Canvas: One Day Escape Tour with Into The Wild Uncover the beauty of the great outdoors and rejuvenate your spirit with the One Day Escape Tour by Into The Wild. Immerse yourself in a day-long adventure that promises to transport you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to the serenity of nature's embrace. Key Features: Scenic Wilderness Exploration: The One Day Escape Tour invites you to venture into breathtaking wilderness landscapes. Traverse scenic trails, discover hidden gems, and connect with the natural world as you escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. Expert-Guided Experience: Benefit from the expertise of our seasoned guides who are passionate about the environment and eager to share their knowledge. Gain insights into the flora and fauna, the ecological significance of the region, and discover the stories that shape the landscape. Nature-Centric Activities: Engage in a variety of nature-centric activities designed to enhance your connection with the environment. From guided hikes to immersive wildlife observation, each moment is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the wilderness. Sustainable Adventure: Into The Wild is committed to responsible and sustainable tourism. Join us in preserving the pristine landscapes we explore, ensuring that future generations can also experience the awe-inspiring beauty of these natural havens. Why Choose the One Day Escape Tour with Into The Wild? Refreshing Day Retreat: Escape the urban grind and rejuvenate your senses with a full day immersed in nature. The One Day Escape Tour provides the perfect balance of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty. Educational Insights: Our guides are not just experts in navigating the terrain; they are storytellers and educators. Learn about the ecosystems, wildlife, and conservation efforts that contribute to the preservation of these extraordinary landscapes. Memorable Nature Encounters: From pristine lakeshores to towering forests, every moment is an opportunity for a memorable encounter with the wonders of the natural world. Capture the essence of your adventure with Into The Wild. Hike: 5 KM (3 miles) ​/​ Bike Ride: 21.5KM (13 miles) Duration: 6.5 hours Cost: $125.00 Package includes: * Transportation for the day * Lunch & refreshments * Bicycle & helmet rental * Friendly & knowledgeable tour guide Highlights include: *Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge *Biking the Trans Canada Trail * Picnic Lunch * Learning about the local flora & fauna An action-packed day exploring the forest of Lynn Canyon Park and the breathtaking valley of Pitt Meadows. We start the day with a leisurely hike through Lynn Canyon Park. Crossing the 50m high suspension bridge allows a panoramic view over the canyon, forest and raging waters below. Leaving the bridge, we enter into the 1000-year-old forest. Here we learn some interesting facts about the local flora & fauna and the First Nation’s People who lived in these areas for thousands of years. The vegetation mostly consists of conifers and ferns with scattered pockets of maple and alder. Enjoy the crisp, clean air and vivid greens of the Pacific Northwest Temperate Rainforest and you’ll begin to feel the tranquility of this magic place! We stroll along the boardwalk and under the canopy of the trees before we reach Lynn Creek and the crystal-clear waters of Thirty foot Pool. Following the pools, we climb the stairs to the upper trail network and join the Baden Powell Trail to Twin Falls Bridge where we cross the river and make our way back up towards the car park where we began. Following the hike, we return to the bus and take the short 30-minute drive to Pitt Meadows where we will enjoy a fresh and healthy picnic by the Alouette River. After our meal, we will begin our bicycle ride on the Trans Canada Trail, along the beautiful dikes and riverbank. Pitt Meadows is located in the lower Fraser valley, 50 km from downtown Vancouver and surrounded by the glorious mountains of Golden Ears and Pinecone Burke Provincial parks. The bike trails that we ride along are 100% flat, smooth riding and vehicle free! The Trans Canada Trail at Pitt Meadows is a hidden gem, close to the city but free from the masses of people. We are delighted to be the sole tour operator with access to the stunning Trans Canada Trail located at Pitt Meadows, BC. One can appreciate the colorful surrounding farmland, fauna and blooming meadows as we pedal along the majestic trail. Following our cycle, we will relax and enjoy refreshments while hopefully enjoying in the warm summer sun for a while.

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