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Paluski Spirit Kayak

Embark on Daily Adventures with the Paluski Spirit Kayak Introducing the Paluski Spirit Kayak your ideal companion for daily touring, expertly crafted for stability and ease of maneuvering in moving waters. This kayak is designed to elevate your paddling experience with thoughtful features that enhance comfort and performance. The listed price includes all taxes, allowing you to focus on the joy of your daily adventures. Specifications: Length: 13' Width: 25'' Depth: 10'' Weight: 45lbs Capacity: 300lbs Exceptional Design: The Paluski Spirit is a testament to functionality and comfort. Whether you're navigating serene lakes or gentle rivers, this kayak's stability and maneuverability shine. The drop-down skeg ensures straight tracking in open waters, offering you a smooth and controlled paddling experience. With a comfortable seat featuring a backrest, good storage capacity, and convenient molded-in grab handles, the Spirit is crafted for the discerning paddler. What's Included: Your kayak adventure is made seamless with Kawartha Adventure Rentals. Each Paluski Spirit Kayak rental includes a comfortable seat with a backrest, ensuring your journey is as enjoyable as it is exhilarating. With good storage capacity and convenient side molded-in grab handles, this kayak is equipped for all your daily touring needs. Transparent Pricing: At Kawartha Adventure Rentals, our pricing is transparent. The listed price covers all taxes, reflecting our commitment to straightforward and clear transactions. Note: Prices include HST. Embark on your daily touring adventures with the Paluski Spirit Kayak. Rent it today and let the water be your canvas for daily exploration. Unleash the adventurer in you!

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