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Rent Snow Shoes

Unlock the wonders of winter with our top-quality snowshoes, meticulously crafted for both adults and juniors. Whether you're exploring pristine snow-covered landscapes or trekking through icy terrains, our snowshoes are designed to provide the ultimate blend of performance, comfort, and durability. Price Includes Taxes! Snowshoe - Adult: Crafted from high-quality materials, these adult snowshoes boast superior traction, ensuring stability on various terrains. The ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to traverse snowy landscapes with confidence and ease. Our junior snowshoes combine lightweight construction with durable materials, providing young explorers with a secure and enjoyable snowshoeing experience. Watch as they confidently navigate snowy trails and create lasting winter memories. Don't miss out on the winter wonderland equip yourself and your family with Sport-Échange-Outaouais snowshoes today! Unleash the adventurer in you and make every winter outing a memorable one. Place your order now. Happy snowshoeing!

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Rental rules & details

Choose the right snowshoe size for your weight and experience winter like never before! 821: Ideal for individuals weighing 80-160 lb (36-73 kg) 825: Perfect for those weighing 80-200 lb (36-91 kg) 930: Tailored for a weight range of 150-250 lb (68-113 kg) 1036: Designed for individuals weighing 200-300 lb (91-136 kg) Snowshoe - Junior: Introduce your young adventurers to the joys of winter exploration with our specially crafted junior snowshoes. 616: Perfect for little ones weighing 30-80 lb (14-36 kg) 717: Tailored for juniors weighing 30-80 lb (14-36 kg) 821: Ideal for those in the 80-160 lb (36-73 kg) weight range Note: Your credit card number or deposit equivalent to the value (sales price) of the rented items is required at the time of the lease.


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