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Unleash the Adventure: Save on Six Rental Pass at Jericho Beach Kayak Centre Embark on a paddling odyssey with the ultimate flexibility and savings offered by our "Save on Six Rental Pass" from Jericho Beach Kayak Centre. This pass is your passport to an array of kayaking experiences, allowing you to explore Vancouver's waters on your terms while enjoying the convenience of cost savings. Key Features: Six Adventures, One Pass: The Save on Six Rental Pass unlocks the door to six kayaking adventures of your choosing. Whether you're planning solo escapes, family outings, or group adventures, this pass offers the freedom to paddle at your own pace and explore diverse waterways. Versatile Kayak Fleet: Enjoy the variety of our high-quality kayak fleet. From stable and beginner-friendly models to agile and performance-oriented kayaks, our fleet caters to all skill levels and preferences. Each kayak is meticulously maintained to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Flexible Redemption: Use your Save on Six Rental Pass at your convenience. Whether you're planning weekly excursions, monthly getaways, or sporadic paddling adventures, this pass allows you to redeem your rentals when it suits your schedule. Cost-Effective Adventure: By choosing the Save on Six Rental Pass, you not only maximize your paddling opportunities but also enjoy cost savings. Experience the thrill of kayaking without breaking the bank, making every adventure an affordable and memorable experience. Why Choose the Save on Six Rental Pass with Jericho Beach Kayak Centre? Freedom of Choice: Tailor your kayaking experiences to your preferences. Explore different waterways, try various kayak models, and embark on a range of adventures, all with the flexibility offered by the Save on Six Rental Pass. Value for Money: This pass represents exceptional value, allowing you to indulge in frequent paddling experiences at a discounted rate. Enjoy the beauty of Vancouver's waters without worrying about the cost, thanks to the savings provided by the pass. Easy Redemption: The process is simple. Choose your preferred kayak, present your Save on Six Rental Pass, and set off on your next adventure. It's the hassle-free way to make the most of your paddling passion. OVERVIEW Do you enjoy kayaking or surfskiing? Do you want to come more than once and save money? But you’re not quite ready to commit to a season’s pass just yet? We have just the thing for you… Get our “save on six rental pass” and save up to 40%(!) on our rentals! Psssst -did you know our Rental Passes also make a fantastic gift? Give the gift of spending quality time outdoors and get a Rental Pass for your partner, friend, co-worker or family member. ALL-INCLUSIVE SAVE-ON-SIX RENTAL PASS Get 6 single kayak or surfski rentals (2h) for the price of 5. For only $199 (+tax) you can come paddling with us 6 times any day any time and you can even use it for Women on Water or our Social Paddle. That is a discount of 20% and means you only pay $33 per rental. MID-WEEK-SPECIAL SAVE ON SIX RENTAL PASS Get 6 single kayak or surfski rentals (2h) for the price of 4. For only $149 (+tax) you can come paddling with us 6 times on weekdays before 5pm. That is a discount of 40% and means you pay just under $25 per rental.

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Valid for six separate two-hour kayak or surfski rentals at Jericho Beach Kayak Rental Passes are not transferrable All remaining uses expire at the end of the 2024 season The All-Inclusive Rental Pass is valid 7 days a week including holidays and can also be applied to use for Women on Water or our Social Paddle. The Mid-Week-Special Rental Pass is valid on weekdays only (excluding public holidays) for rentals that leave before 5pm Kayakers wishing to paddle alone (1 person solo on the water) must have experience doing a solo re-entry All reservation and cancellation policies apply to passholders


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