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Dive into Adventure with SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230 . Prepare to elevate your water adventures to new heights with the SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230, available for rent at Flextoy Powersport Rentals. Whether you're a thrill-seeker craving adrenaline-pumping rides or a water sports enthusiast seeking the perfect wave, this watercraft is your ultimate companion. Designed for performance and precision, the SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230 boasts a powerful engine and advanced features to ensure an exhilarating experience on the water. From its intelligent throttle control to its agile maneuverability, every aspect of this watercraft is engineered to deliver unmatched thrills. At Flextoy Powersport Rentals, we believe in making your rental experience seamless and transparent. That's why our rental package for the SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230 includes taxes, providing you with upfront pricing and eliminating any surprises. Whether you're wakeboarding, tubing, or simply cruising along the shoreline, the SEA-DOO WAKE PRO 230 offers unrivaled performance and versatility. Rent yours today and dive into a world of endless aquatic adventures! Key Features: - Powerful engine and intelligent throttle control for thrilling rides - Agile maneuverability for precise handling on the water - Ideal for wakeboarding, tubing, and water sports enthusiasts - Transparent pricing with taxes included for hassle-free rentals - Engineered for performance and precision on the water Rent now at Flextoy Powersport Rentals and enjoy taxes included in the price!

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Rental rules & details

The Renter confirms that he​/​she: Is at least 18 years old, holds a valid driver's license and is named in a current motor vehicle liability insurance policy. Is not under a disability, including but not limited to, the influence of alcohol or drugs, which might impair or prevent the safe or lawful operation of the Equipment. Understands that the liability amount for damage to the Equipment shall not be limited to the $3000 damage deposit amount collected by Flextoy as part of the Rental Agreement. •Agrees that a travel and repair rate of $120​/​hour shall apply in collecting and repairing damaged Equipment. •Understands that in addition to repair​/​replacement costs, the Renter may also be required to compensate Flextoy for up to 2 days of lost rental revenue for each piece of damaged or stolen Equipment. •Understands that reservation cancellation charges are as follows: 25% of the rental amount within 30 days of rental, 50% within 2 days and 80% the day of the rental. •Rentals must be returned by or before 5pm on the last day of the rental period otherwise A late return charge of $50​/​hr may apply.


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