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Embark on Snowy Escapades with SKI-DOO RENEGADE 900ACE - 90HP. Embrace the thrill of winter exploration with the SKI-DOO RENEGADE 900ACE - 90HP, available for rent at Flextoy Powersport Rentals. Crafted for adventurers craving snowy escapades, this high-performance snowmobile promises exhilarating rides and unforgettable experiences. Equipped with a potent 90HP 900ACE engine, the SKI-DOO RENEGADE delivers impressive power and precision on snow-covered trails. Its agile handling and responsive controls ensure effortless maneuverability through diverse terrain, while its sleek design exudes style and sophistication. At Flextoy Powersport Rentals, we prioritize customer satisfaction and transparency. That's why our rental package for the SKI-DOO RENEGADE 900ACE includes taxes, offering you straightforward pricing and hassle-free transactions. Whether you're carving through fresh powder or cruising along scenic routes, the SKI-DOO RENEGADE 900ACE guarantees an exhilarating snowmobiling adventure. Rent yours today and discover the wonders of winter in style! Key Features: - This premium-level, 90hp, 4-stroke machine is light, maneuverable and designed for the ultimate in trail riding and touring. - Features the quietest and most fuel efficient engine available on the market. - Agile handling for effortless maneuverability on snow. - Sleek design for a stylish snowmobiling experience. - Transparent pricing with taxes included for convenience. - Ideal for adventurers seeking unforgettable winter escapades. Rent now at Flextoy Powersport Rentals and enjoy taxes included in the price!

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Rental rules & details

Standard seats are single rider (1-Up). If you require a 2 rider seat (2-Up), please select it from our inventory and add it the shopping cart prior to checkout. RENTALS INCLUDE: * 1 helmet per machine * OFSC Trail Pass * Safe snowmobiling checklist * Local trail maps * Free pickup after 5pm the night before your rental. The Renter confirms that he​/​she: * Is at least 18 years old, holds a valid driver's license and is named in a current motor vehicle liability insurance policy. *Is not under a disability, including but not limited to, the influence of alcohol or drugs, which might impair or prevent the safe or lawful operation of the Equipment. *Understands that the liability amount for damage to the Equipment shall not be limited to the $3000 damage deposit amount collected by Flextoy as part of the Rental Agreement. *Agrees that a travel and repair rate of $120​/​hour shall apply in collecting and repairing damaged Equipment. *Understands that in addition to repair​/​replacement costs, the Renter may also be required to compensate Flextoy for up to 2 days of lost rental revenue for each piece of damaged or stolen Equipment. *Understands that late returns may be subject to a $120​/​hr. charge per piece of Equipment. *Understands that rental support is only offered within 150km of Flextoy's address. *Understands that interest on overdue accounts will be charged at 1% per month, compounded monthly (12.68% per annum). *Understands that reservation cancellation charges are as follows: 25% of the rental amount within 30 days of rental, 50% within 2 days and 80% the day of the rental.


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