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Split Board (Weekdays)

Unlock the thrill of untouched powder and pristine landscapes with our Touring Kit Splitboard, brought to you by Sport-Echange-Outaouais. Designed for the avid adventurer seeking the perfect blend of performance and versatility, this kit is your ticket to conquering the backcountry like never before. Key Features: Tailored to Your Weight and Boot Size. Choose the board size that best suits your weight and boot size: 148cm- Ideal for riders weighing 100-205lbs (45-93kg) with boot sizes 5us-10us. 154cm - Perfect for those weighing 140-220lbs (64-100kg) with boot sizes 8us-13us. Customizable Bindings Select bindings based on your boot size: Small - Fits boot sizes 4 to 7.5. Medium - Accommodates boot sizes 8 to 10.5. Large - Designed for boot sizes 11 and above. Price Includes Taxes: No hidden costs! The listed price covers all taxes, ensuring a transparent and hassle-free rental experience. Premium Quality: Crafted with precision and durability, our Touring Kit Splitboard is engineered to withstand the rigors of backcountry terrain, providing a reliable and enjoyable riding experience. Easy to Use: The splitboard design allows for effortless transitions between uphill climbing and downhill riding, making it perfect for backcountry touring. Versatile Performance: Whether you're a seasoned splitboarder or a beginner exploring the world of backcountry riding, our Touring Kit delivers versatile performance to match your skill level. Choosing Your Kit: To ensure the best fit, select the appropriate board size based on your weight and boot size. Additionally, choose bindings that match your boot size for optimal comfort and control. Note: Your credit card number or deposit equivalent to the value (sales price) of the rented items is required at the time of the lease. Get ready to carve your path through untouched snowscapes with the Sport-Echange-Outaouais Touring Kit Splitboard. Elevate your backcountry experience and reserve your kit today!

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