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RIVER CANARD CANOE CO.: Paddle Together, Explore Further! Tandem Kayak Rentals (Up to 4 Hours) Imagine gliding down the tranquil River Canard with a loved one by your side, sharing laughter and creating unforgettable memories. At RIVER CANARD CANOE CO., our comfortable tandem kayak rentals provide the perfect opportunity to explore this scenic waterway together. Why Choose RIVER CANARD CANOE CO. Tandem Kayak Rentals? - 4 Hours of Shared Adventure (Up to 4 Hours): Embark on a 4-hour paddling adventure tailored to your pace. Witness the breathtaking beauty of the River Canard, from vibrant flora gracing the banks to captivating wildlife peeking from the water's edge. - Perfect for Couples & Friends: Our tandem kayaks are ideal for creating lasting memories with a special someone or enjoying a fun-filled day with friends. Bond over the shared experience of navigating the calm waters and revel in the camaraderie of paddling as a team. - Safety First, Fun Always: Your rental includes life jackets for both paddlers, paddles, and a comprehensive water safety lesson delivered by our experienced staff. Feel confident and prepared to explore the river with peace of mind, knowing you have the skills and knowledge for a safe and enjoyable journey. Everything You Need for a Memorable Tandem Kayak Experience: - Spacious & Stable Tandem Kayak: Comfortably navigate the river together in a kayak designed for two paddlers, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. - Two Paddles: Work together to propel your kayak effortlessly through the calm waters, coordinating your strokes for a seamless journey. - Life Jackets (all sizes): Stay safe and secure with life jackets that fit both paddlers perfectly. - Water Safety Lesson: Learn essential paddling techniques and safety protocols from our knowledgeable staff, ensuring a responsible and worry-free adventure. - Flat Rate Tandem Kayak Rental (Up to 4 Hours) - Price Includes Taxes! Don't miss out on the opportunity to create lasting memories with a loved one! Book your tandem kayak rental today with RIVER CANOE CO. and embark on an unforgettable adventure down the scenic River Canard.

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Pack a lunch. Bring the family, friends, or a date. Leave nothing but ripples in the water. THINGS TO BRING Sunglasses Hat Shoes (not flip-flops) Sunscreen Snacks Change of clothes OPTIONAL camera, cell phone, bug repellant


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