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Rent the TRAIL-A-BIKE 24 for Family-Friendly Adventures Embark on unforgettable family biking adventures with the TRAIL-A-BIKE 24 rental from Born to Ride Bicycle. This innovative attachment is designed to give your child a safe and exciting ride while you pedal, allowing you to share the joy of cycling together. The TRAIL-A-BIKE 24 offers a secure and comfortable riding experience for your child, with an adjustable saddle and handlebars to accommodate their size. Its sturdy construction ensures stability on the road, providing you with peace of mind as you explore scenic trails or navigate city streets. With its simple attachment system, the TRAIL-A-BIKE 24 easily connects to most adult bicycles, making it convenient to use whenever you're ready for a family outing. The lightweight design and smooth-rolling wheels ensure a smooth ride, while the safety flag enhances visibility for added peace of mind. At Born to Ride Bicycle, we believe in transparent pricing. That's why the rental price for the TRAIL-A-BIKE 24 includes all applicable taxes, so you can enjoy your ride without any surprises. Rent the TRAIL-A-BIKE 24 from Born to Ride Bicycle today and create lasting memories with your family on two wheels.

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-Damage + cleaning deposit​​​​/​​​​bicycle is $48.95 CAD. -The Renter confirms that he​​​​/​​​​she will be required to PAY for ALL Rental durations, Damages and​​​​/​​​​or Cleaning fees, Delivery​​​​/​​​​Pick-up Fees, and additional fees such as damages greater than any deposit amount -Charges apply on the same day of pick-up, if the equipment is received before 7pm. Same Day Rental Charges do not apply if equipment is picked-up after 7 pm. -Person or persons receiving the RENTAL equipment must have signing authority and​​​​/​​​​or if it is not the person booking or paying for the Rental​​​​/​​​​Equipment, they will need signing authority in writing. Two pieces of ID with proof of credit card. -To ensure availability keep the following in mind •1-7 bicycles, requires 4 hrs - 4 days prior reservations •8-15 bicycles requires 4 HOURS upto 10 days prior reservations. •15-30 bicycles requires 8 HOURS upto 14 days prior reservations, •30-40 bicycles requires 48 Hrs upto 120 days prior reservations, •More than 40 bicycles requires 72 Hrs - 120 days prior reservations. •Regular Hours of operation: 7 days​​​/​​​week 9am to 9pm .


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