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Turbo Tube Rentals (Paris to Brant Park) Minimum 2 Hours

Grand River Rafting: Turbo Tube the Grand River (Paris to Brant Park)! (Minimum 2 Hours) Embark on a relaxing 8-mile aquatic adventure on the Grand River with our fun and easy Turbo Tube rentals! This scenic Paris to Brant Park route offers stunning natural landscapes and a unique way to experience the river's gentle currents. Why Choose Grand River Rafting Turbo Tubes? Effortless Fun: No paddling is required for most of the trip! Simply relax and enjoy the scenic ride downstream in your comfortable turbo tube. Ideal for Families & Groups: Perfect for all ages and abilities, turbo tubing provides a fun and relaxed way to explore the river together. Unforgettable Sights: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Grand River as you float through a pristine wilderness setting. Important Information: - Trip Length: Approximately 2-5 hours (depending on paddling and water flow). The last mile requires some paddling. - Minimum Duration: 2 hours - Difficulty: Easy (with some paddling required in the last section) - Age Recommendation: We recommend this route for adults and teenagers due to the paddling requirement at the end. Everything You Need for a Safe & Fun Trip: - Comfortable Turbo Tube - Paddle (for the final section) - Life Jacket - Safety Kit - Detailed River Map & Orientation Talk by our knowledgeable staff - Convenient Shuttle Ride to the Starting Point in Paris - Free Entry to Brant Park - Free Parking & Picnic Area at Brant Park -Water Refill Station (bring your own reusable bottle) - Price Includes Taxes! Paddlers Discount: Enjoy a discount on your rental with Wincey Market Dollars spent in Paris! Book your minimum 2-hour Turbo Tube adventure from Paris to Brant Park today and create lasting memories on the Grand River!

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Rental rules & details

What To Bring Good sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, retainer string for eyeglasses, water & snacks, gloves if hands blister easily, lip balm. Bring footwear you don’t mind getting wet… the river bottom is rocky. If you burn easily… long sleeves and pants… otherwise swimsuits or clothes that dry quickly. Denim jeans are not a good idea… they stay wet forever! If cooler weather… dress in layers so you can strip down as you get hot. Due to health protocols, we are not supplying dry bags… so please bring ziplock bags or bags capable of keeping car keys, cell phones, and personals dry. We have a water refill station for bring-your-own-water bottle No Alcohol Allowed Please remember that no alcoholic beverages are allowed on the river… it is Federal Law and can result in OPP charges. Grand River Rafting reserves the right to inspect all bags and coolers being brought on trips. If alcoholic beverages are found, you will be asked to kindly return the beverages to your vehicle. If someone refuses inspection or refuses to leave alcoholic beverages behind, they will not be allowed to go on the river… and there will be no refund. Cancellation Policy The final price is based on headcount given 48 hours out from the date of the event. If cancellation is given 48 hours in advance, there is a full deposit refund. If cancellation is given the day before, there is a 75% refund. If cancellation is on the day of the trip, there is no refund. Check the Weather Alert Before Coming! The weather apps can be so generic that they are almost useless… especially forecasts that are more than 48 hours out. It is important to remember, that the weather on the Grand River… can be different from where you are living. We are good at weather… because we want you to enjoy your trip… not endure it! So before driving to the Grand River Valley… please check the weather update.


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